The National Health Funding Body (NHFB) comprises three functional units.

Our Structure diagram

Data Modelling, Analysis and Policy


Director: Svetlana Angelkoska

The Data Modelling, Analysis and Policy unit is responsible for providing strategic policy advice to the NHFB and Administrator. Responsibilities include researching, developing, monitoring and reviewing current and proposed policy decisions that relate to the functions of the NHFB and the Administrator.

The unit develops financial models that enable the Administrator to accurately calculate the Commonwealth funding contribution to local hospital networks. This includes a six–month and annual reconciliation of the estimated and actual public hospital service delivery activity, to adjust the Commonwealth funding contribution. This unit also develops programs and models to determine services eligible for Commonwealth funding. The unit collects and processes the data required to support this modelling.

Other responsibilities include development of the Administrator’s rolling Three Year Data Plan and determining the Administrator’s minimum data requirements, the associated funding reconciliation framework and policy statements, and other organisational and strategic documents.

The unit is responsible for preparing parliamentary reporting material and provides briefing and secretariat support to the Administrator’s and NHFB’s interjurisdicational committees.

In undertaking this work, the Data Modelling, Analysis and Policy unit works collaboratively with the Administrator and all jurisdictions to ensure that modelling, analytics and policy decisions are accurate and well understood by stakeholders.

Finance and Reporting

Director: Karin van Leeuwen

The Finance and Reporting unit provides support and financial services to the Administrator and the National Health Funding Pool to ensure the continued transparency and efficiency of public hospital funding. This includes managing the National Health Funding Administrator Payments System (Payments System), and processing Commonwealth, state and territory deposits and payments into and out of the National Health Funding Pool, as required under the Act.

The unit also develops, maintains and monitors compliance with the National Health Reform Public Hospital Funding Procedures Manual and the States and Territories Procedures Manual for the Payments System.

The unit produces the eight State Pool Account financial statements for auditing by each state and territory’s Auditor–General.

The unit is responsible for the preparation and publication of the Administrator’s monthly reports that record the Commonwealth and state and territory public hospital funding and payments for the month and year to date, for the following:

  • 1 national monthly report (12 annually)
  • 8 state and territory monthly reports (96 annually)
  • approximately 140 LHN monthly reports (1,672 annually).

These reports are available from:

Other responsibilities include the strategic budget and financial management of the departmental appropriation for the NHFB, and the preparation of NHFB financial statements under the PGPA Act which is audited by the Australian National Audit Office.

Integrity, Assurance and Resourcing

Director: Val Price-Beck

The Integrity, Assurance and Resourcing unit provides the NHFB with essential business support services including human resources, internal audit, organisational compliance, governance, business continuity, internal control and assurance, risk management, fraud control, security, facilities management, and records management.

The unit is responsible for implementing and assuring adherence with Part 2 of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability framework for good governance practices which has been embraced by the NHFB. The unit also develops and maintains the Strategic Plan and Corporate Plan.

In support of the functions of the Administrator, the unit conducts assurance reviews on the integrity of the advice provided to the Commonwealth Treasurer by the Administrator on the Commonwealth funding contribution for public hospital services.

The unit provides secretariat support to the NHFB Audit Committee and a number of other committees including NHFB Executive Committee; Risk Compliance and Business Continuity Committee; Workplace Consultative Committee and Digital 2020 Committee.

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