National Health Funding Body

The Funding Body was created through the Agreement and the Act to provide support and assistance to the Administrator. The Funding Body is a prescribed Financial Management and Accountability Act 1997 (FMA) agency under the FMA Act, and forms part of the Commonwealth Health portfolio. It is independent of both Commonwealth and state and territory governments when exercising or performing the responsibilities and functions of the Administrator, as set out in the Act, and supporting national health reform legislation enacted in all states and territories.

Transition to establishment

From the Funding Body’s inception on 1 July 2012, the Commonwealth Department of Health (previously the Department of Health and Ageing) managed the Funding Body’s appropriation until it was able to directly receive and manage these arrangements as a stand–alone independent agency.

The Funding Body’s transition occurred in two phases:

  • Following a determination under section 24.1 of the Public Service Act 1999 on 3 May 2013 that provided the terms and conditions of employment enabling the Funding Body to employ staff in its own right; and
  • Following a determination under section 32 of the FMA Act on 24 June 2013 enabling the Funding Body to receive and manage its own appropriation.

What we do

Principal functions

The principal functions of the Funding Body are to support the obligations and responsibilities of the Administrator, providing the transparent and efficient administration of Commonwealth, state and territory public hospital funding directly to local hospital networks or other parties.

The Funding Body supports the Administrator in calculating the Commonwealth national health reform funding contribution to states and territories, including the $16.4 billion of additional Commonwealth growth and funding guarantees, in line with the Agreement.

The administrative functions provided by the Funding Body involve the management of the Pool, which receives all Commonwealth and activity based state and territory hospital funding.

The Pool authorises payment instructions for $36 billion (2012–13) of the Commonwealth, state and territory funding to the Australian public hospital system.

The Funding Body reconciles estimated and actual service delivery volumes to ensure that all local hospital networks receive Commonwealth funding based on their actual activity, and reports publicly on all the activities of the Pool and other relevant aspects. It applies best practice financial frameworks and processes and provides leadership and support to the Commonwealth, states and territories in undertaking the funding arrangements of the Agreement.

Key deliverables

The key deliverables of the FundingBody are to provide robust funding and payment arrangements to enable a sustainable financial basis for the public health system into the future.

To achieve this, the Administrator and the Funding Body must deliver the following:

  • independent, transparent and efficient administration of Commonwealth state and territory funding, totalling $30 billion2 for 2012–13
  • transparent reporting of funding and payments for public hospital funding
  • accurate reconciliation of estimated to actual service delivery volumes, including the determination of services eligible to receive Commonwealth national health reform funding
  • allocation of $16.4 billion additional Commonwealth funding between 2014–15 and 2019–20.

Our Executive Committee

Our Executive Committee (pictured here with the Administrator) provides the Funding Body CEO with strategic advice on policy, direction, initiatives, and immediate and emerging issues.

Group cropped

From left: Beth Gubbins, Director Policy and Parliamentary; Val Price–Beck, Director Corporate Services; Bob Sendt, Administrator; Lynton Norris, CEO Funding Body; Svetlana Angelkoska, Director Data Modelling and Analysis; Naini Singh Chief Finance Officer Finance and Reporting

Lynton Norris, CEO

Lynton Norris was appointed as the inaugural Chief Executive Officer of the National Health Funding Body. Mr Norris has over 20 years of experience in government and private sector organisations. Prior to his appointment to the Funding Body, Mr Norris was a senior executive in the Victorian State Government responsible for the budget management and funding arrangements for all Health sector agencies.

Over his career, Mr Norris has developed significant experience in public sector finance and policy development. Mr Norris holds bachelor degrees in accounting and international trade, and is a Certified Practising Accountant.

Val Price–Beck, Director Corporate Services

Val Price–Beck has over 20 years public service experience and has managed the Corporate areas of both an FMA agency and a Commonwealth Authorities and Companies agency.

Ms Price–Beck has experience in corporate services and related functions. Prior to joining the Funding Body Ms Price–Beck worked for a number of years in Indigenous economic development.

Svetlana Angelkoska, Director Data Modelling and Analysis

Svetlana Angelkoska has experience in analysing, modelling and reporting health related data, including experience in project management and delivery. Before joining the Funding Body, Ms Angelkoska worked for the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing and the Private Health Insurance Administration Council.

Ms Angelkoska holds a Bachelor of Science degree and Graduate Certificate of Actuarial Techniques.

Naini Singh, Chief Finance Officer Finance and Reporting

Naini Singh has federal government experience at the strategic and operational levels in implementing effective financial budgets, financial statements, project management, taxation and devising quality assurance solutions.

Ms Singh holds a Bachelor of Commence degree, majoring in Finance and Information Systems and a Postgraduate qualification in Taxation. Ms Singh is a qualified Accountant.

Beth Gubbins, Director Policy and Parliamentary

Beth Gubbins has experience in finance and public policy as well as project development, management and delivery. Before joining the Funding Body, Ms Gubbins worked for the Department of Health, Victoria, in a number of strategic finance and policy roles.

Ms Gubbins is a Certified Practising Accountant with 15 years public sector experience in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Our Team

The Funding Body is a small but dynamic and energetic team of professionals committed to realising their collective vision for a sustainable, nationally unified and locally controlled Australian health system. It comprises four functional units as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2: Funding Body organisational structure


Corporate Services

Corporate Services provides the Funding Body with essential business support services and promotes leading business practices, which include Human Resources functions, such as the selection, training and development, and performance management of Funding Body staff.

Corporate Services is also responsible for organisational integrity, assurance and governance arrangements. These functions include procurement, internal audit, security, facilities and records management, together with the management and provision of information and communications technology to the Funding Body.

Data Modelling and Analysis

Data Modelling and Analysis develops mathematical models that assist the Administrator by accurately calculating the Commonwealth funding contribution to local hospital networks. This includes calculating the efficient growth and funding guarantee and reconciling the estimated and actual service delivery volumes to adjust the Commonwealth funding contribution. The unit further determines, collects and processes the data required to support these arrangements.

Data Modelling and Analysis works in collaboration across the Funding Body, the Administrator and all jurisdictions, to ensure the modelling reflects the strategic policy and the funding arrangements of the national health reforms.

This unit is also responsible for the preparation and publication of the Administrator’s monthly reports that contain the Commonwealth, state and territory national health reform funding and payments for the month and year to date, at national, state/territory and local hospital network levels.

Finance and Reporting

Finance and Reporting provides support and financial services to the Administrator and the Pool to ensure the continued transparency and efficiency of public hospital funding. This includes managing the Payments System, processing national health reform Commonwealth, state and territory deposits and payments of $30 billion into and out of the Pool, as required under the Act.

This unit produces the Pool financial statements for auditing by each state and territory Auditor–General and the Australian National Audit Office.

Finance and Reporting oversees the calculation of Commonwealth contributions, and facilitates the authorisation by the Administrator for all national health reform payments to local hospital networks and other providers. Other responsibilities include the preparation of Funding Body financial statements under the FMA, and the strategic financial management of the departmental appropriation for the Funding Body.

This unit actively supports stakeholder management with state and territory Chief Finance Officers through regular jurisdictional Chief Finance Officer committee meetings.

Policy and Parliamentary

Policy and Parliamentary is responsible for providing strategic policy and directional advice to the Funding Body and Administrator, and setting the policy agenda for the national health reform funding arrangements.

Responsibilities include researching, implementing, monitoring and reviewing current and proposed policy decisions that relate to the Funding Body and Administrator functions. The Policy and Parliamentary unit develops the Administrator’s rolling ‘Three Year Data Plan’, associated funding reconciliation framework and growth and funding guarantee arrangements, which include the $16.4 billion additional Commonwealth funding contribution. These policy positions are developed in consultation with the Commonwealth and states and territories through jurisdictional committees.

This unit is also responsible for writing and/or coordinating briefing material for consideration by various parliamentary and interjurisdictional committees and the preparation and approval of a range of parliamentary reporting material.

In undertaking this work, this unit works in collaboration with other jurisdictions and national health reform bodies.

Our Strategic Plan

Our Vision

Improved health outcomes for all Australians, sustainability of a nationally unified and locally controlled Australian health system, and increased transparency in public hospital funding.

Our Mission

To support the obligations and responsibilities of the Administrator of the National Health Funding Pool by providing transparent and efficient administration of Commonwealth, state and territory funding of the Australian public hospital system.

Our Values

We are committed to observing the following core values, which represent our approach and practice when interacting, and collaborating with colleagues, stakeholders and the wider community.

Accountability — to comply with national health reform legislative requirements and the National Health Reform Agreement according to the parameters set.

Collaboration — to maintain effective working relationships with all stakeholders to instill continued confidence.

Integrity — to conduct business and make decisions in a manner, which demonstrates the principles of honesty, consistency, accuracy and ethics.

Leadership — to ensure leadership, effective policy advice and best practice in the management of major national health funding reform.

Privacy — the privacy of information is paramount in complying with secrecy and disclosure requirements of national health reform arrangements.

Transparency — to be transparent in the reporting and transactions of funding activities within the National Health Funding Pool.


Our Strategic Objectives

We have adopted five high–level strategic objectives, which capture the scope of our responsibilities and serve the Vision and Mission of our organisation.

Achieve best practice and accountability

To achieve best practice and accountability through assisting the Administrator in implementing and overseeing a nationally consistent public hospital funding arrangement through the National Health Funding Pool.

Provide increased transparency and effective reporting

To provide increased transparency and effective reporting on the local hospital networks that are funded for the services they deliver to the community.

Enable accurate Commonwealth contribution calculations

To enable accurate Commonwealth contribution calculations by using nationally consistent pricing and costing standards.

Develop productive and effective partnerships

To develop productive and effective partnerships with relevant stakeholders to enable the objectives of the Agreement to be achieved.

Operate as a fully functional and compliant agency

To operate as a fully functional and compliant agency, meeting statutory and legislative obligations.

2 $30 billion represents the total actual and notional Pool transactions for 2012–13, and excludes state managed funds.

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