Workforce planning

On commencing operations in July 2012, the Funding Body did not have its own employment framework in place, and consequently all staff were employed under the Commonwealth Department of Health’s Enterprise Agreement 2011–12, and seconded to the Funding Body. To employ staff independently, the Funding Body developed its own 24(1) Determination pursuant to the Public Service Act 1999.

On becoming a stand–alone agency on 24 June 2013, the Funding Body was able to engage and employ staff directly under the Public Service Act 1999.

In preparation for employing its own staff, the Funding Body developed a Workforce Management Plan, a Human Resources Strategic Framework and Human Resources Delegations.

The following tables detail staff numbers and aggregated information on non–salary benefits provided to staff as at 30 June 2013.

Table 5: Funding Body employee distribution at 30 June 2013
Unit Female Male Total
Ongoing Non ongoing Ongoing Non ongoing
Total 4 7 4 15
Office of CEO 1 1
Finance and Reporting 1 2 2 5
Corporate Services 2 2 1 5
Policy and Parliamentary 2 2
Data Modelling and Analysis 1 1 2
Table 6: Senior executive — Holder of Public Office
Senior executive Male Total
Holder of Public Office 2 23

The Administrator of the National Health Funding Pool and Funding Body CEO are holders of public office. Their remuneration (salary and benefits) are determined by the Remuneration Tribunal.

Table 7: Non–Senior executive staff covered by a Section 24(1) determination
Level Total
Non–Senior Executive Service staff 15

The Funding Body applied the Commonwealth Department of Health’s APS salary classification ranges for the 2012–13 financial year.4

Table 8: Non–Salary benefits
Non–Senior Executive Service staff
  • Access to Employee Assistance program
  • Extended purchased leave
  • Annual leave
  • War service sick leave
  • Compassionate leave (including bereavement leave)
  • Community service leave
  • Long service leave
  • Pre–adoption leave
  • Adoption or foster leave
  • Maternity leave
  • Parental (partner) leave
  • Personal / carers leave
  • Donating blood leave
  • Leave for Australian Defence Force (ADF) Reserve and Continuous Full Time Service
  • Access to paid leave at half pay and leave without pay
  • Flexitime scheme (APS staff only)
  • Flexible working locations and home–based work including, where appropriate, access to laptop computers and mobile phones
  • Allowances (travel, disturbance, overtime meal break, disruption, workplace responsibility, etc.)
  • Study assistance
  • Review of workloads
  • Support for professional and personal development
  • Access to negotiated discount registration/membership fees to join fitness and health clubs
  • Breastfeeding facilities
  • School holiday family care subsidy
  • Family care assistance
  • Flexible work arrangements for parents
  • Influenza vaccinations
  • After hours use of taxis
  • Eyesight testing
  • Annual closedown for Christmas
  • Financial assistance to access financial advice for staff 54 years and older
Senior executive service staff
  • All the above benefits except for flextime
  • Leave for participation in major international sporting events
  • Leave to undertake jury duty
  • Airline lounge membership

Training and development

Addressing key capability gaps
The Funding Body actively encourages all staff members to take full advantage of the training provided by the Commonwealth Department of Health, the Australian Public Service Commission and external providers and to participate in training and development opportunities where possible.

Performance pay

There were no performance pays provided by the Funding Body.

3 This figure includes the position of Administrator of the National Health Funding Pool.
4 For further information go to:–agreement–11–14–toc~att–a

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