To achieve best practice and accountability through assisting the Administrator in implementing and overseeing a nationally consistent public hospital funding arrangement through the National Health Funding Pool.

Strategic Goal


Provide leadership and expert policy advice to the Administrator and information to the Australian community (including governments) on national health reform funding aspects.

Innovative and effective National Health Reform policy development is enabled and implemented.

The national, state and territory health reform funding environment is monitored and expert advice is provided to stakeholders.

Process and oversee National Health Reform funding and payments through the National Health Funding Pool.

Efficient and robust processes are in place, with continuous improvement and governance practices employed.

Manage the integrity of the National Health Funding Administrator’s Payments System (Payments System).

A fully functional National Payments System is in operation.

Policies and procedures are in place to ensure payments are made in accordance with appropriately approved directions, actioned by authorised persons and accurately documented and communicated.

Frameworks are developed and implemented to ensure compliance, including the National Health Funding Body Procedures Manual and the States and Territories Procedures Manual.