To operate as a fully functional and compliant agency, meeting statutory and legislative obligations.

Strategic Goal


Establish and maintain robust policies and procedures, including ensuring all NHFB values are reflected and comply with relevant statutory and legislative requirements.
As a  Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 (PGPA Act) agency, the NHFB has an appropriate structure and delegations in place.

Appropriate industrial instruments are implemented, including an Enterprise Agreement for staff.

Appropriate Frameworks are developed and implemented, which include policies, processes, systems, procedures and guidelines that facilitate compliance.

A work plan is developed to meet our objectives.

An NHFB Annual Report (including a Report of Operations and Financial Statements) is published each financial year.

Establish and adhere to good governance principles and practices while conducting business in an ethical manner.
A culture exists of continuous improvement that adheres to ethical standards, good governance and embraces quality management practices.

An effective business planning cycle is established that sets future direction and expectations, is measurable and complies with reporting requirements.

Sound, transparent and accountable processes that conform to public sector standards are in place.

Promote a positive and productive working culture where staff are committed to success, adopt best practice approaches and are motivated to achieve results.
Tools, resources, support and opportunities for staff to perform and develop are available.

A Human Resources Strategic Framework is employed to enable the development of workforce capability and capacity and ensure compliance with Commonwealth legislation and regulations.